The Knightlamp Approach: A Model of Therapeutic Care


We offer Australia wide training for your staff on the best and most practical way to approach behaviour in traumatised children and young people.

Organisations which have engaged our training report: Better understanding of their clients/young people, safer interventions with fewer instances of violence, a more unified approach between staff, less Critical Incidents and better staff retention.

Our professional development options are:
Trauma Informed Practice I (Fundamentals)
Trauma Informed Practice II (Practical Application)
Keeping Everybody Safe (Trauma Informed Approach To Critical Incidents)
Dynamic Self Care (Mitigating the Effects of Vicarious Trauma)

Download our training information pack for details/fees of the workshops available to your organisation.

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, training has been successfully delivered in over 150 Webinars, which will continue until travel and large group gatherings are again permitted. Each topic above is separated into three x two hour live and interactive webinars. 

Download: Training Info Pack

Comprehensive School Support

Similarly to the Knightlamp Model of Therapeutic Care, once the client is identified and high risk behaviour is determined to be caused by early childhood trauma, all school staff are trained in the best approaches to understanding and managing these behaviours in short workshops that fit in with the busy staff schedule of the school.

Ongoing embedding of the approach will be offered by our clinical team offering regular practice reviews to key Staff who are in direct contact frequently with the traumatised child and consulting with the parents/carers of the child. In extreme circumstances a Knightlamp Therapeutic Youth Worker may be placed one on one to support the child to improve the high risk behaviour and increase their educational opportunities.

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