About Knightlamp

Knightlamp is Australia’s leading provider of trauma informed approaches to high risk behaviour within Schools, Social Workers, Government and Non-Government Agencies, for young people and adults who have experienced developmental trauma.

We know that all children who are traumatised through adverse early life events can heal through relationships with safe and skilled adults utilising a trauma-informed approach. There is now an enormous collection of evidence in studies and our own data to support these seemingly optimistic assertions. Knightlamp provides a range of services connected with trauma-informed interventions for marginalised at-risk young people. Knightlamp comprises a team of therapeutic specialists, provides training and development for organisations and is Australia’s prominent consultant on therapeutic care theory and practice.

Knightlamp specialises in the integration of theory and practice, in supporting staff and youth workers to apply trauma-informed approaches in their day-to-day work with people who have a traumatic childhood history. Knightlamp’s approach utilises the most current research and practices grounded in complex trauma theory and can demonstrate significant outcomes in all projects.

These approaches have delivered notable outcomes throughout Australia, and Knightlamp’s work has included a variety of tailored therapeutic approaches in Victoria, NSW and QLD, development of full therapeutic care models in Queensland and NSW and the design and development of therapeutic foster care models in those States.  Knightlamp has worked with and provided trauma-specific training to ‘out of home care’ service providers, child protection departments, schools and prisons throughout Australia.

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