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Knightlamp is Australia's leading consultancy in trauma informed practice, located in Croydon Victoria and Richmond NSW and working throughout Australia. We use our expertise on the impact of child trauma on a person's experience and presentation in order to effect healing, change, and an improved life trajectory.

To this end, Knightlamp provides a range of services that include organizational consultancy, training, and direct interventions for children, young people, and adults.

Knightlamp also provides psychotherapy and assessments for any person seeking support, including those on Medicare mental health plans, Victims of Crime, and NDIS plans.

There is currently a need for Behavior Support Plans that can address the needs of NDIS clients with complex needs arising from the co-occurring impact of both disability and developmental trauma.

The Knightlamp Approach® to trauma-informed behavior support has produced measurable outcomes over the past ten years of its development and led to its renowned reputation in the human service sector.