Trauma Informed Care- Seminars


Trauma Informed Practice

Understanding Developmental Trauma and Extreme Behaviours
One-Day Seminars

 It has now been well evidenced, that a practical understanding of the effects of developmental trauma is the key to producing real and measurable outcomes, with additional impact on staff retention and job satisfaction.

These two, consecutive, one-day seminars for Child and Family Welfare Organisations and Professionals are simple to book.

Simply contact us to book a time. We will travel to your location, wherever that may be, and deliver an interactive workshop that is guaranteed to 'switch on lights' for all participants, regardless of experience. 

We are passionate about sharing what we know with others who work every day, to make a difference to the lives of those who seek your help.


Trauma Informed Practice I (Fundamentals)

This one-day workshop provides the theoretical underpinnings of trauma informed practice, based in the most recent theory, evidence based practice and understanding of how developmental trauma impacts of behavioural presentation. Participants will gain a clear understanding of theory in practice, in simple language without confusing clinical jargon.

  • Understanding complex trauma
  • Neurobiology of developmental trauma
  • Attachment theory and early childhood
  • Understanding challenging behaviours in the context of;
  • Chronic Hyper-arousal
  • Trauma triggers
  • The relational template and self-sabotage
  • Psychodynamics of trauma & impact on the care team

Trauma Informed Practice II (Practical application)

This workshop will use the theoretical knowledge of TIP I (Fundamentals) to formulate practical approaches to managing extreme behaviour, facilitating healing and insight and self-care of the professional.

  • Approaches to triggered clients
  • Developing rapport and safe relationship
  • Formulating approaches to behaviour
  • Facilitating insight & therapeutic conversation
  • Dynamic Self Care


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