Knightlamp's Leadership Team

Stephan Friedrich

Stephan Friedrich began his career as a therapeutic drama program facilitator at Pentridge Prison, and Kew Cottages Disability Services in the early 1990's.

He has been a youth worker in a variety of settings for high-risk youth, and as a manager with Youth Justice Custodial Services, Hurstbridge Farm, municipal youth services and as a trauma-specific clinician for the Lighthouse Foundation, Alternate Care and Artemis Therapeutic Care.

His academic research has focused on complex trauma and ethical challenges in therapeutic statutory practice. Stephan has presented papers at a number of conferences, he is known for the award winning blog ‘The Knight Lamp’. He is the author of ‘How to Tuck a Gangster into Bed and other short stories’, a book on trauma informed practice with children and young people in care.

Adela Holmes
Director, Therapeutic care Consultancy

Over the past 42 years in the child welfare sector, Adela has developed a reputation for her brilliant and successful therapeutic interventions.

She played a leading role in the development of a wide range of initiatives and programs including as the lead writer of the Take Two program, and of the practice model for the Hurstbridge Farm Therapeutic Care Program, where she was the founding manager. The early promising results of this program led to this model informing the essential design elements for many other programs across Victoria and other Australian States.

During this time Adela also wrote the model for Take Two’s Therapeutic Specialist role for the Victorian government’s Circle Foster Care Pilots, and has been the lead developer of the Victorian Aboriginal Child Care Agency’s therapeutic approach and healing team.

Kate Burt
Director, Health and Self-Care

 Kate Burt has an extensive career and knowledge in health, fitness and the role of psychodynamics in self-care.

Kate brings together her knowledge of child development principles to focus the organisation on the health of its workers.

Her unique approach has inspired many to understand the impact of their wellbeing on young people in their care, as well as the joy of inspirational fitness, and simplicity of healthy eating, stress management and exercise.

Hoshi Rae
Operations Manager

A multi skilled professional, Hoshi is responsible for coordinating the Way To Go program, business operations, finance and bookkeeping, policy, marketing and product development.

As the youngest member of the executive team, Hoshi’s knowledge, experience and skills should not be underestimated. Hoshi has worked intensively with some of the most challenging and traumatised children in our programs.

The magic he weaves with them is well known and he is equally as skilled at passing on the tricks of his trade to other therapeutic care workers and in the support of carers and teachers.